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Teeth whitening is a very popular type of treatment. It is no surprise to see many people looking for effective teeth whitening to improve both their smile and self-confidence. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that helps you make a great impression on everyone that you meet. It is a simple and cost-effective procedure that can radically transform the look of your teeth.


There are many reasons why teeth may get darker. The ageing process can contribute to darkening, and lifestyle factors can also contribute. Our friendly team will examine your teeth and discuss your specific requirements to get a better idea on which specific teeth whitening procedure would bring the best results. You can rely on our cosmetic dentists to do a standout job.

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Our Teeth Whitening Wirral Services

You can expect a top-quality service for teeth whitening in Wirral. There are a variety of ways that you can whiten your teeth. The ideal treatment will depend on your specific requirements and lifestyle factors. All of our services focus on delivering long-term results, utilising the latest technology, following all safety protocols, and minimising any sensitivity to teeth or gums.


Here, are all of the specific teeth whitening Wirral services we cover…

Teeth Whitening Consultation

We offer all clients a no-obligation consultation to discuss a variety of teeth whitening treatments. You can talk through your options with our friendly team, and get expert advice. There is no pressure to choose a specific treatment, and we will consider all of the relevant factors including your budget and lifestyle.

Internal Teeth Whitening

This type of whitening works through placing a gel inside the tooth. It can only be done after successful root canal treatment. A small hole is drilled in, and the gel is placed inside. You can be assured that the procedure is painless, and you will usually only need two visits. We use the best whitening techniques to ensure that all of our patients are satisfied with the result.

External Teeth Whitening

This type of whitening involves whitening the teeth through placing a gel on the outer surface. This can be particularly effective for tooth discolouration that is caused by old age or eating habits. We offer three effective services for external teeth whitening in Wirral.


Home Teeth Bleaching

We offer professional home teeth bleaching kits that are reliable and effective. These can be available online; however, we provide your custom made kits to fit your teeth, and the gel we use tends to be stronger. You can be assured of full safety, and we provide detailed instructions so that you can use these kits with ease. The trays need to be worn for a few hours per day, and you should see results within weeks.


Laser Teeth Bleaching

Laser teeth bleaching makes use of modern technology to produce quick results. This involves putting a seal around teeth, and then applying a gel that is activated through a bright light. The entire process takes less than an hour, and you can begin to see results immediately. This is by far the most convenient method used for teeth whitening.


Power Teeth Bleaching

In some cases, the most effective treatment involves a combination of home teeth bleaching and laser teeth bleaching. Those in search of the best teeth whitening in Wirral may find that the most effective solution for them will involve the use of both of these methods. The home stage can occur before or after the laser teeth bleaching has occurred, and the combination leads to more effective results that are long-lasting.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Many people tend to have questions about the teeth whitening process, and some also tend to have misconceptions. We want to reassure our customers and provide accurate information. Have a look below at some of the most common questions that many people have when looking for teeth whitening near me.

Teeth whitening treatments can be very effective. If done by a dental professional, you can expect long-lasting results.

You can be rest assured that teeth whitening is safe. Our professional team uses the latest technology and best practices in order to ensure maximum safety.

The teeth whitening effect can last for many years. The specific time period can depend on lifestyle factors, and our team will discuss this with you.

Professional teeth whitening takes around 3-4 weeks; however the specific time period will depend on the type of treatment that is chosen.

Teeth whitening does not hurt, but it may be a little uncomfortable, especially for those who have sensitive teeth. It is common to experience some sensitivity during the treatment; however this is usually temporary. Our team of dentists will be happy to discuss any concerns with you in order to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Contrary to some claims, teeth whitening does not have to be expensive. We have a range of affordable payment plans available, and the specific cost will depend on the type of treatment you select. Most customers consider the treatment to be excellent value for money since it has a real effect on their daily lives.

There are methods for doing teeth whitening at home; however they tend to not be as effective. Additionally, some teeth whitening kits can be unsafe or unsuitable. For the best results, you should always consult with a professional.

Any age of 14 is ideal for teeth whitening. Both the young and old can benefit from the process, but the condition of the teeth will be a factor in which type of treatment would work best for you.

You should now be more assured that teeth whitening is a completely safe and effective procedure. Feel free to contact us to learn more about any of our services.

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